Letters Of Invitation For Israel Visa

Letters Of Invitation For Israel Visa: Explained

Navigating the visa application process for Israel often requires a letter of invitation, a crucial document that can significantly impact your chances of approval. Fret Not! We’ve got your back in this!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about obtaining a letter of invitation for your Israel visa application. From understanding its importance to crafting an effective letter, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your journey to Israel.

Let’s dive in!

What Is An Invitation Letter?

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An invitation letter is a document that applicants for visitor visas must present to the Embassy or consulate where they submit their applications.

This letter, which the applicant’s Host has prepared and addressed to the applicant or the consular officer, promises to house the applicant in their home during the entirety of their visitation in the nation where the Host is a lawful resident.

What Are The Requirements To Write An Invitation Letter?

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The following conditions must be met by the Host for the invitation letter to be considered valid:

  • Must be a citizen or authorized permanent resident of the nation you intend to visit; must also be a friend, partner, or family member.
  • has to have a registered address (house, apartment)
  • must provide ample space for the candidate

While not necessary, it is highly advised to submit a Letter of Invitation, even to Embassies worldwide.

How Do You Write A Letter Of Invitation For A Visa Application?

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If you understand the purpose of the invitation letter correctly, it may be the most superficial portion of your visa application despite its seeming difficulty to many. 

The Visitor must write the letter, which should be addressed to the consular official or you. 

When you receive the checklist of documents needed for a visa, be careful to inquire about the invitation form some embassies may have. 

Your Host needs to fill in the blanks with the appropriate data if they already have a form.

However, if they don’t, you can still use the samples we’ve provided below by changing the relevant details to suit your needs.

When writing an invitation letter, the writer must remember that the letter must include some essential details about the Host and the guest. 

The letter must contain the following information about the Host:

  • Full Name
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Occupation
  • Type Of Home (owned/rented house / flat / room)
  • Host’s Status in the host country (If the Host is residing in that Country on a work visa, student visa, permanent resident, or is a citizen or any other legal status)
  • Signature

On the other side, the letter must also include the following information about the guest:

  • Full name as shown on their International Passport
  • Date Of Birth
  • The person’s address and telephone number
  • Relationship between the Host and the guest
  • The purpose of the trip (friendly visit, holiday, wedding, birthday party.)
  • The exact entry date and exit date

If the letter is intended for the guest, refrain from sounding overly formal. It is preferable to sound more casual and friendly rather than official to provide the consular officer with a clearer picture of the host-guest dynamic.

Supporting Documents For The Invitation Letter

As previously stated, a letter of invitation is not required at many embassies, so the Host does not need to send any extra paperwork. 

It would be most considerate if the applicant sent any of the following documents with the Letter of Invitation, regardless of whether the letter is required or not:

  • A scanned copy of the Host’s ID/passport
  • Evidence of means of subsistence (if the Host will financially support the guest)
  • Proof of home / flat ownership or rental contract
  • An Itinerary of the places planned to visit together
  • If the Host has taken days off from work to be with you during your stay in their Country, then submit a document that proves that would be in your favor.

Where To Submit The Letter Of Invitation?

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The Visitor presents the letter and the visa document file at the Embassy or consulate. 

The Host needs to scan it and forward it to the Visitor, who will then turn it in along with the other supporting paperwork at the consulate or Embassy on the day of the appointment.

What Are Invitation Letter Samples?

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There is no fixed method or style of writing an invitation letter. The writer must decide what to include in the letter. 

As long as the letter contains the above-listed details, among others, then the letter is just fine.

Format And Sample Of Invitation Letter Addressed To The Embassy


The [Country] Embassy,


Letter of Invitation for [Visitor’s Name]: Passport No: XXX77777

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing to support the visitor visa application for [Visitor’s Name].

They are total residents of [Country] and are my [relationship]. She/he lives at [Visitor’s Address], and their home phone number is (YY) XXXXX.

I am a legal permanent resident of the [Guest’s Home Country], and I live at [Guest’s Home Address], and I work as [Guest’s Occupation] – with a net income of $XXX per year. I would like [Visitor’s Name] to come and visit me from [Date of Entry] to [Date of Exit] because of [you might give a reason as wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, etc.]

I request that they be granted a visa for this whole period, during which I will be fully responsible and cater to her / his well-being. She/he will also be a resident at my home, and following the expiration of her / his visa, I will see that [Visitor’s name] returns to her / his home country.

I am attaching all the necessary documentation.

Thanks in anticipation of your favorable response

Thank you.


[Host’s Name]

[Host’s Date of Birth]

[Host’s Address]

[Host’s Phone Number]

[Host’s Signature]

Sample Of Invitation Letter Addressed To The Guest


Letter of Invitation for [Visitor’s Name]: Passport No: XXX77777

Dear [Visitor’s Name],

As a follow-up to our phone conversation, please take this as a formal invitation to visit me in [Country]. It’s been a long time since I last saw you [use a word that would describe your relationship: mom/dad/sister / my friend / my love, etc.], and I am full of excitement that you will finally be able to meet all the people who have made my stay in [Country] so beautiful.

While you are here, I will be responsible for your accommodation, feeding, and movement around [Country] from the day you arrive from [Visitor’s Home country] on [Entry Date] until the day you leave on [Date of Exit].

I am sending all the required documents to get the visa from the [Country] Embassy.

I can’t wait to meet you here

[Host’s name]

[Full Address]


Occupation: [Host’s occupation]

Phone Numbers:

Work: [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]

Home: [(xxx) xxx-xxxx]

Email: [email address]


On What Visa Do You Require An Invitation Letter In Israel?

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As a foreigner a tourist visa to Israel is issued in their name whenever someone is willing to travel to Israel for tourism. 

This permit has several benefits. One can travel across the Country on a permit for the provided period. 

This permit allows you to visit your friends and family based in Israel as citizens or on resident licenses. 

It belongs to category B2 and is a short-term permit. The visa is valid for three months, and the border police will decide the stay. 

You also must know that a visa does not guarantee entry through the border. 

You are to be verified and approved by the border police to enter the nation.


Securing a letter of invitation is a vital step in your Israel visa application process, opening doors to a seamless entry into this fascinating country. By following the guidelines outlined in this guide and ensuring your letter is well-crafted and authentic, you’ll enhance your chances of a successful visa application.

So, take the time to prepare your letter thoughtfully, and get ready to explore the wonders of Israel with confidence.

Invitation Accepted!

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